Google+ Business listing

Your business must have a Google+ Business listing before we photograph the Tour of your facility. Its a free business page listing offered through Google. Contact us to see if your business is qualified & has a current Google+ Business Page listing.

Our Team will meet with you

We would like to discuss the best Google Virtual Tour coverage for your business. Here we can give an accurate quote by viewing the size of your establishment and determine how many ‘tour locations’ will be needed to maximize your Tour coverage. The Tour will start just outside at the front of the building, then through main entry area, proceeding inside and continuing throughout your facility. We will highlight your main key areas while focusing on your distinctive business features.


Contract Form with Google Maps

There is a simple Google Maps Photography Services Agreement form, to fill out first. We will email you or bring a copy of this form to be completed and signed prior to filming.

After signing the simple contract form

We can setup a Tour filming shoot date and time. Usually within the next couple weeks or sooner. Typical filming times are 1-2 hours for small to medium size businesses.

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